Naturally treated wood – using charcoal and boiled linseed

The recipe I have doesn’t have actual quantities of charcoal and boiled linseed so I was flying blind when I made it and went with 1/3rd crushed charcoal and 2/3rd’s boiled linseed.

Lichen and other things don’t grow on boiled linseed oil whereas they will on raw linseed oil.

You can buy the boiled linseed from any hardware shop and the charcoal can come from your own fire if untreated timber was burnt or from a shop that sells charcoal for a bar – b – q. Put the charcoal in a strong plastic bag and bash it with a hammer until it is as close to powder form that you can manage.

Mix the two and wait a day between coats.

It is like painting with sand and oil.

In the photos there is one of a small amount of rot beginning at the bottom of the treated raised bed which isn’t that bad since the photo of the one that is really rotten was not treated and made at the same time. It only took two years to rot whereas the other one has been on the soil for six years and has only begun to rot now. I had to look quite hard to find a spot and that seemed to be the only one.

It has taken me a while to get this blog up as I had to weed the garden and pathways before taking a photo as I couldn’t have you thinking that I hadn’t weeded the garden all winter now could I.