Hi Everyone sorry but life has been busy but here we are again. I hope you like the look of the new website, thanks to Corinne at sitesmart for that.
We don’t normally get snow here and I think it was 1996 the last time we had any so pics had to be taken. For those of you who live in areas where snow is a regular event this probably is a bit pathetic but for us it was a bit of fun that didn’t require any snow shovels.
We have been trying to relocate an old war war 2 hospital ward to our place for a new kitchen and have finally managed to get the local council sorted out and it should be on it’s way on the back of a truck some time in the next few weeks. It currently looks really bad but you’ll see how it progresses into a thing of beauty over time. Will put up some pics in the next post.
The soap shakers/savers have been going mad and the Australians have been the country that have taken to them like a long lost friend. Good on you! They have been advertised in the upcoming English Permaculture mag, Earth Garden mag (Australia), Organic NZ and Mother Earth News (USA) mag so I hope I have enough to go around. It is really nice to see how happy people are to be able to find them again. We have made a short clip on how to use them and this is on the site under the soap shakers page.
Gotta go and shovel snow – only joking, Carolann