Wards 5 & 6

Well we have a long way to go but we might as well start at the beginning. Hopefully the pics will tell the story by themselves but to give you a quick story. The red sheepshed next to our house was one of the original buildings on the farm when it was a much larger farm, there was also a chook shed (hen house) and that was it. The sheep shearers quarters are across the road on what is now another farm. Since we have been here the red shed has seen plenty of action party wise and has been very useful especially for my alcohol stills, of which I have a few. My current kitchen consists of two and a half cupboards and a kitchen sink and that’s it. No storage no nothing so in 2006 I had had enough and decided that a new kitchen was to be had. 2011 and it is almost here. I have everything to put in it but not the floor, walls and the roof, I even entertained the idea of lining the sheep shed and using that but it was a mud floor so I had a problem with that and it got all too complicated not that plonking a world war 2 hospital ward onto the back of a truck and shifting it here won’t be without the odd issue or two.
So far the shed has been demolished by two wwoofers Guilluame and Max. Max had to control Guilluame a bit as he was really getting into it and was named “Demolition Man”. The local council has said that we can go ahead so all should be go shortly. As Ward 6 is now it looks a wreck but over the course I’ll post pics of it’s progress and transformation.
I seem to be having trouble sorting photos out on the site so please bear with me as I learn how to do it all.