Hugelkultur (hill/mound culture ) is the building of seriously high raised beds using tree prunings, old logs and any untreated wood piled into a trench and a five foot high raised bed built on top. This is really good for people with limited space,

a bad back as there is no bending to weed or harvest the garden also there is very little irrigation as the rotten wood absorbs water and releases it to the plants. Nutrients are also released overtime as the wood rots.

We had a friends digger here to level the ground for the new kitchen and I couldn’t resist getting him to dig a trench for a hugelkultur garden. Some field drains were hit so he had to stop there even though I would have liked the trench bigger it has saved a lot of work being done by hand.

We are having a workshop to build the hugelkultur garden on Sunday 30th October 2011 starting at 10am. BYO lunch, $10 per person or $15 per couple, this will contribute to hiring another digger so peoples backs aren’t broken digging a trench. Please bring own gloves and a spare spade or shovel if you have one. If you would like some wood to take home, to build your own hugelkultur garden,┬ábring a trailer as we have quite a bit though no logs. You will need a 4×4 to access the pile.

Please register via email as we may have to limit numbers. Payment can be made on the day or by bank transfer to acc no TSB 15-3971-0022898-10

Should be a great fun day and I look forward to it.

Cheers, Carolann