Hello and Happy New Year to you all. My New Years Resolution was to take up drinking again, which I had been planning since about June 2011 and did so with gusto on NY’s Eve and I even managed to stay vaguely awake until midnight but was promptly asleep by 5min past. I broke my NY’s resolution the moment I woke up on NY’s day. I had thought that since the world is supposed to reach a serious demise at the end of this year that I would party through it but perhaps not.
The three months leading up to Christmas were hectic getting the kitchen ready for our first united family Christmas in over twelve years. We have a lot of buildings on our farm but none big enough to house us all under one roof and every year we try to have it outside the weather packs in and we have to decamp to my sisters place in town. As you can guess the weather was perfect this year and we could have had it outside but it was the kitchens christening so inside the 16 of us were staying, chained to our chairs if need be.
Mr T made the stonkingly beautiful 4m long table three days before Christmas which is pretty good since it isn’t his real job 11 out of 10 for that. That was all after he had wired the kitchen from scratch which also isn’t his real job. That’s part of trying to be self-sufficient you need to become reasonably adept at a lot of things.
The vege gardens were planted in Nov and due to the kitchen renovations are now covered in weeds so I have a Harvest Kitchen and probably nothing to harvest. Mr Murphy is alive and well. The photos of the preserves in the cupboards are last years.
I would like to thank all the wwoofers who helped getting the kitchen ready and to Phil and John the buliders. Phil stayed to the bitter end helping with all the fiddly jobs that a professional can do in a few minutes and would have taken us hours.
Everything in the kitchen is recycled including the building it’s self and even though the Rayburn is new it is approx 12yrs old and never been out of it’s packing case. I bought it off Trade Me in 2007 while I was in Scotland and thinking about buying a new Aga and figuring out how to justify 500kgs of excess baggage to Mr T when I found this new but 8 yr old one on line and in New Zealand, that’ll do ticketyboo thanks!
The builders have put in a new internal wall and behind that is my new garden shed though for a few weeks it will house the two Jack Russell cross Fox terriers that I am collecting tomorrow eek! They aren’t a dog I like but a necessity for catching the rabbits that are getting out of control and the only organic form of rabbit and rat control that I could think of. I’ll post pictures and update you on their progress.