Once again it is all or nothing with me. Fullspeed or fullstop as Mr T says. As with my book I always tell the truth so I’m going to post a photo of the garden in all it’s horror and maybe some of you will feel better about yours.
We have friends who live in Singapore who return home to NZ at Christmas to stay in their bach by the Wangapeka river and we like to join them as the only way to rest is to leave the farm. Last year when we went there we had to evacuate as all the rain collapsed our tent at 5am and turned the river into a ferocious beast with trees and boulders racing past at 100kms per hr right over where our tent had been moments before and then came up to the front door of the bach so that was us we were out by 7am. This year as we were preparing to leave our friends called us at 6am to say not to bring the small sensible economical car but to bring the 4×4 as it was happening again. Luckily the 3 hr ferry ride wasn’t rough and the fords were able to be crossed with the 4×4 but it was a bit touch and go until the river started dropping that evening and we didn’t have to stay up all night on river watch. I went prepared this time and turned up for my summer hols in gumboots and oilskins. The sun and sandflies turned up a few days later and all was well.
Harry and Sally are a result of the neighbours bull jumping the fence twice which I’m not happy about as we are trying to only breed milking cows and the bull is a beef one which leaves us with our own grumpy jersey bull to deal with for another year, mumble grumble. They are very cute though.