I’m sure a few of you have been asking this question for a while now.
I can’t apologise enough for your delay and frustration.
The saga so far is that due to high demand we decided to start making the soap shakers again and told you all that.
Orders came flooding in but when we went to buy the particular gauge wire that we use we found that the Chinese had bought it all up eek.
A decision was made to move to a larger gauge wire and this was ordered but then we managed to find a stainless steel wire at the right gauge. The original order was cancelled and now we can go ahead and make a better designed and better quality soap shaker – whew!
The expected date of them being ready is the 6th November.
All orders received up until the 6th November will be able to have the new soap shaker at the existing price but after this we will need to raise the price a few dollars to accommodate the extra wire in the new design and to cover the cost of the stainless steel instead of the coated mild steel.
If at any point anyone would prefer to cancel their order this will be no problem and once again I can’t apologise enough for the delay.
Our thoughts are also with our neighbours in NSW Australia involved in the terrible fires.
Carolann Murray