Finally the ordered soap shakers are sent and we have the new improved stainless steel ones in stock.
The last dates for before Christmas posting for New Zealand is Dec 19th, Australia is Dec 9th, Europe, America South Pacific, East Asia and UK is 3rd Dec and the rest of the world Dec 1st.
We have a small range of really exciting clothing coming out soon for female farmers under the label of Rural Women’s Clothing (RWC). I have found that most clothing for the female farmer is usually unisex, equestrian, athletic or just plain wrong so I have set about fixing all the things that annoy me. THE OILSKIN is a fabulous redesigned oilskin with all the things wrong with other ones fixed, winter clothing that is easy to get on and off as it is cold in the mornings but warms up during the day as well as a limited range of the female farmers hand spun and hand knitted farm jersey which removes the need for a woolly hat, gloves and scarf. These will probably be up on the website either just before or just after Christmas.
Happy vegetable gardening to those of you in the Southern hemisphere and keep warm to those of you in the Northern hemisphere. Enjoy any breaks you have and have fun.