The Blueberries have had a bumper season and we hope you have enjoyed them. They are starting to slow down now so if you want to PYO we are probably open for another two weeks. Whew what a ride for our first season of PYO with the blueberries being ready six weeks early and us no where near ready. My Cousin Val will be looking after the stall at Hill Street Market in Wellington this Saturday as I am going to a wedding. There will be Damson plums there this week and for those of you not familiar with them they aren’t really an eating plum but great for Damson gin and vodka, wine, sorbet, cobblers, crumble, jam, bottled for desserts, chutney, sauce for meats (especially venison), damson cheese and plum sauce. You will be able to get recipes and Damsons both here at the PYO and at Hill St Market.
See you there next week.