Hi Everyone glad you all liked the show with the Twins. A lot of you have made enquiries about the female farm jumper. Yes I do sell them and cardies with a zip but not the pattern as it took to long to perfect.
They both alleviate the need for a scarf, gloves and a beanie all of which can be lost, dropped or dangerous.
The cardy’s followed the creation of the jumper as it is quick to get on and off as the weather changes through the day. There is a frill on the bottom to add a little girl glam to farming life and to also stop any males trying to steal it from you. The sleeve cuffs are reinforced to prevent fraying and the pockets and hood are lined to add extra warmth and prevent stretching. The hood also allows for peripheral vision.
As the garments are hand spun and hand knitted they take a long time to create and the price does need to reflect this. Each garment is $850 irrespective of size with a 50% deposit required with each order. Each garment takes approximately 6 weeks to complete so first in best dressed.
Until the website is changed to accommodate the orders all orders will need to be by email – carolann@selfsufficiencystore.com with the deposit going to TSB 15 3971 0022898 10. Please include your ph no so I can contact you re sizes and colours, the current colours are silver grey, varying shades of beige and a small amount of brown/charcoal. The one featured in the show was beige and I typically use chocolate brown for the frills and cuffs as it doesn’t show dirt so much.
Both the cardy’s and the jumpers are all organic wool from my sheep and their natural colours which change annually as the sheep age.
Floss and Jet are 16 & 17yrs old and this is where the silver grey colour comes from.